Colloquium: "Teaching Translation Studies: A Literary Science for a STEM Campus”

  • 10/29/2019
  • 12:00 - 13:30
  • CMU 202 (University of Washington Seattle Campus, Communications Building)

The humanities and sciences often appear to fall on separate sides of an academic culture divide. At a moment when many universities are becoming increasingly STEM-focused, the study of literature is both challenging and necessary, and translation offers a way of bridging disciplines by emphasizing language and interpretation. At the undergraduate level, translation courses offer an opportunity for student collaboration, experimentation with language, and a discussion of disciplinary differences in language. Amelia Glaser, who has developed translation curricula for a variety of contexts and levels, from K-12 to graduate study, will share methods and observations from her experience developing a large lower division translation course for undergraduates at U.C. San Diego.

Light snacks will be provided, feel free to bring your lunch. Please RSVP here

***This event is sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities and the UW Translation Studies Hub. Please note that NOTIS is not organizing or sponsoring this event.***

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