• 12/08/2018
  • 13:00 - 16:00
  • Camp Long in West Seattle - Corner of 35th Ave. SW and SW Dawson St.

Please join us for our annual, exciting NOTIS Holiday Party at Camp Long, a historic old lodge in West Seattle! (Please read the ENTIRE invitation!)

The party will begin at 1:00PM, directly after the NOTIS Annual Meeting to be held from 12:00PM - 1:00PM. Please watch your mail for your official Annual Meeting invitation.

Camp Long is our inviting new venue where we'll host this popular event that promises good food, good company, lots of fun, and we'll still have a beautiful fireplace. Please bring a main dish, salad, appetizer, dip, or dessert to share. There are many talented cooks and bakers in our NOTIS community.

 Don't miss our Karaoke Sing-A-Long and I Dare You to Karaoke THAT! - suggested by one of our favorite NOTIS members!

Holiday Sweater Contest (you know EXACTLY what we mean...) - Prizes for Most Impressive Sweater and Most Funny Sweater

Cookie Tasting - Prize given to the person whose cookie gets a unanimous three paddles of "10" from our cookie-tasting panel of translator/interpreter cookie connoisseurs (think Dancing with the Stars...). Please bring your favorite cookies if you want to enter the contest!

GRAND PRIZE! At the event, we'll have a raffle for several really fun gift cards and prizes, including a grand prize of a year-long NOTIS membership!

VERY IMPORTANT LOCATION DETAILS:  There are several entrances to Camp Long.  Some of them are on the periphery of the park where there are no parking lots. Look for the main entrance with a large open gate, located at the intersection of 35th Ave. SW and SW Dawson St.

Questions?: Please email Maria Farmer at

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