Book talk: "Translation's Forgotten History"

  • 05/19/2017
  • 14:30
  • University of Washington, 216 Padelford Hall

UW Assistant Professor Heekyoung Cho will lead a symposium entitled "Literature as a Translational Process: Translation and the Formation of Modern Literatures." Members of the public are welcome to attend (space is limited).

AbstractThis talk will discuss the meanings and functions that translation generated for modern national literatures during their formative period to reconsider literature as part of a dynamic translational process of negotiating foreign values. By examining the triadic literary and cultural relations among Russia, Japan, and colonial Korea, Cho highlights translation as a radical and ineradicable part—not merely a catalyst or complement—of modern national literature. Cho also emphasizes a shared sensibility and literary experience in East Asia, which referred to Russia as a significant other in the formation of its own modern literatures, and thus rethinks the way modern literature developed in Korea and East Asia. While national canons are founded on amnesia regarding their process of formation, framing literature from the beginning as a process rather than an entity allows a more complex and accurate understanding of national literature formation in East Asia and may also provide a model for world literature today.

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