The Northwest Linguist Call for Submissions

03/23/2020 02:00 | Anonymous

We are now accepting articles and submissions for our online blog and the summer issue of our newsletter, The Northwest Linguist.

The Northwest Linguist is the official printed publication of the Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society, designed to share organization and industry news, useful tips and educational pieces with our members.

Ideas for submissions include: 

  • Approaches to translation
  • Interpreting skills
  • Legal or business issues for translators and interpreters
  • Computer Assisted Translation Tools
  • Summary and advice learned at a recent workshop
  • Academic research relating to translation and interpreting
  • Current events relating to translators and interpreters

Submissions should be between 500 and 1,500 words, written in English. Relevant photographs or visual content may also be submitted, alongside or independently of a written piece. If a submission includes a translation or an example in another language, an English back-translation should be included. Copyright notes and source references must also be included, if applicable. 

All submissions will be evaluated by the Northwest Linguist Blog committee. Content selected for publication will be subject to editing for content, grammar, style and space limitations.

Please email submissions or any questions to Alicia McNeely at

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