Free Ethics Credit for DSHS Interpreters and Translators

03/24/2016 17:28 | Deleted user

Do you still need to fulfill your annual ethics credit for DSHS? If so, you can take an approved ethics class from home! DSHS has a free ethics webinar on its website.

Six steps to earn your free ethics credit:

1) Go to the DSHS “Orientation and Ethics Training” page:

2) Click on the “Ethics Training” hyperlink. The link is found under both the Medical and the Social Services headings.

3) Watch the video.

4) Go back to the DSHS page, click on the “Quiz” link and complete the quiz.

5) Take a screenshot of your quiz results.

6) Email your quiz results and DSHS number(s) to:

Remember: If you earned your DSHS certification/authorization before April 6, 2015, you must complete and submit your ethics credit before December 31, 2016.

If you have any questions, you can contact DSHS at:

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