A note to NOTIS members on our events policy

04/17/2022 04:18 | Brianna Salinas (Administrator)

Dear NOTIS members, 

The NOTIS Board of Directors would like to thank you for taking the time to fill out our recent survey and, in so doing, helping us gauge your willingness to begin attending in-person events. 

Of the 334 survey respondents, 32% said they were ready to attend in-person events now; 26% preferred to remain online “until the situation is clearer”; and 23% asked that we continue to host online events indefinitely.

Some of you also asked about hybrid events. We are looking into this, and it would certainly be ideal, but hybrid events are complicated and very expensive to produce; they would require a significant increase in our attendance fees.

With your responses in mind—and in accordance with local and CDC guidelines—we have recently added some in-person events to our schedule (such as our April 11 Feedback Forum) while continuing to offer a wide range of online meetings and webshops to support our members throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Thank you again for your feedback, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. You can reach us directly at info@notisnet.org. It is important to all of us at NOTIS that you feel supported and heard. 

Very best wishes,
The NOTIS Board of Directors

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