A new NOTIS discussion on diversity

06/12/2020 12:02 | Shelley Fairweather-Vega (Administrator)

A message from the NOTIS board.

Right now, Seattle, Portland, and other cities in the NOTIS region continue to see protests every day, triggered by the killing of George Floyd. At NOTIS, we know that our region is not immune to the dire effects of institutional racism and other kinds of prejudice. We’re lucky to be a naturally diverse organization, with members and a leadership board representing multiple nationalities and languages. And we’re proud that our professions – translation and interpretation – play a vital role in ensuring effective communication between people of different experiences, cultures and backgrounds. Whether in poetry or in the schools, in a hospital room or a courtroom, interpreters and translators help make every voice heard, and we do our part to ensure justice is served and opportunities are equal. But if there’s anything this time of protests around the country has taught us, it’s that all of us can always do better. We all must continue to educate ourselves, examine our prejudices, and try our best to make a positive difference.

To that end, NOTIS invites our members to a new conversation on racial justice, specifically within our professions. What else can NOTIS do as an organization to contribute more to this cause? Please join our conversation by commenting below. We welcome your ideas!

Please remember that your online comments will be visible to everyone. Keep your comments respectful and constructive. NOTIS will be monitoring this discussion closely.

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