Practical Advice from the Pacific Northwest Court Interpreter Conference

10/04/2018 17:03 | Anonymous

Written by: Svetlana Kupriyanova, 2018 NOTIS Conference Scholarship Recipient

The Pacific Northwest Court Interpreter Conference, which usually takes place in Portland, Oregon, is one of my favorite conferences to attend. This year I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from NOTIS and was able to go to this wonderful event again! Though a long way from Mount Vernon, Washington, it was a great place to spend a fall weekend, especially when one had an opportunity to sharpen her interpreting skills in a supportive and interactive environment with people who work, laugh, and learn together.

This year the class that I attended taught me how to practice and develop my interpreting skills on a daily basis. I was a bit weary of the topic at first and thought that maybe I would just hear the typical “listen to the radio and interpret” piece of advice. However, when the instructor brought out equipment for every participant, and we started to record our interpretations, I happily realized that this was something I had never done before.

While listening to my recorded interpretation, I was pleasantly surprised by my fluency, precision, and clarity. I was proud of my work, and I had not expected to feel that way. It gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities and inspired me to strive to produce even higher quality interpretations. We continued to do similar exercises several times, each time trying to improve and perfect our work. We used different modes of interpreting, and I could clearly see how I could better myself. I discovered I needed improvement in an area where I had not anticipated. In other words, these exercises were an eye opener and a great chance for me to re-evaluate my skills.

Now, I am working to incorporate these short exercises and recording sessions into my routine. With technology so readily available to me every day, I can do these valuable exercises anywhere simply by using my phone.

Sometimes a little bit of guidance makes all the difference. I am very grateful to the Oregon Judicial Department and NOTIS for this opportunity. Throughout the years, I have received a lot of good, practical, and applicable advice when participating in the Pacific Northwest Interpreter Conferences. I hope I am able to continue to attend and to see all of you, my friends, next year!

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