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NOTIS President Kathryn German offers some simple advice on how to become a voting member of the ATA. Besides providing you with the benefits of voting membership in our national organization, your status as a Voting Member in ATA (meaning you have an Active or Corresponding membership) also benefits NOTIS. Our chapter receives financial support from ATA for every NOTIS member who also belongs to one of these ATA membership categories, which means NOTIS has more resources to serve our members here in the Pacific Northwest.

Voting membership is available to all Associate or Student members who either pass the ATA certification exam or go through Active Membership Review.  That means that even if you have not passed the ATA exam, or if no exam is offered in your language pairs, you can apply to be a voting member.

Active Membership Review is a simple online process open to translators, interpreters, or other individuals actively engaged in work related to translation and/or interpreting. You can fill out the online form here.

Translators will need to have proof of a degree or certificate in translation and one letter of reference OR at least three years of experience, three letters of reference, or copies of records of business activities. Interpreters must have proof of a degree or certificate in interpreting and one letter of reference OR three letters of reference plus acceptable proof of their business activities.

Once accepted as a voting member, you are entitled to vote in the ATA elections.

For more information, please see the ATA website:

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