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05/26/2016 22:42 | Anonymous

By Saori Sampa

What is the most important element of a social event for you?  It can be good food and drinks, a relaxing atmosphere, fun people to enjoy it with, or perhaps an opportunity to showcase your talents.

NOTIS’s new board started planning our 2016 social events right after last year’s holiday party, and our first social event of the year was held on January 16. NOTIS Secretary Elise Kruidenier knew of a very relaxing neighborhood café in West Seattle that was the perfect place to get together at the beginning of the year. Many of us gathered and enjoyed, not only the café’s relaxing atmosphere, but also the time we shared.
February 19 was a cold but perfect day to visit a library after work. An avid reader, María Luisa Gracia Camón led the Chat Evening of the Month at Redmond Library. The group exchanged anecdotes and enjoyed being together. It was a short, one-hour event, but it was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other.
Then it was time to try something new. One of our social event enthusiasts and art lovers, Thei Zervaki, and others went to the Pioneer Square Art Walk. It was raining on March 3, but that didn’t bother them at all. The group walked from art studios to galleries, and shops to boutiques, and they were enriched by the dozens of local works of art. While walking through town, the group also enjoyed Seattle’s famous historic neighborhood filled with Renaissance Revival architecture.
Food is a universal language and an easy icebreaker for those who love to make new friends. On April 13, Brooke Cochran introduced us to a restaurant where we could enhance our taste experience. Island Soul Restaurant specializes in Caribbean soul food. Their famous pork tips, fish tacos, and Cuban black beans satisfied our appetites. After sampling wonderful Island comfort foods, we all had something to rave about.
Show time! The Translators in the Spotlight was a perfect event to showcase our professional translation abilities and other, not-yet-demonstrated performance skills. Some arrived from other states to attend the May 21 event, including Alaska and Oregon, and we welcomed a student who had translated a French song into English. This creative show, organized by Shelley Fairweather-Vega, put a spotlight on those who work in the art and literary fields. Caffe Appassionato definitely added a calming element to our exciting event. Their wine and local beer was also a great advantage to this late-night outing.
What’s next? Mark your calendars and prepare for our traditional BBQ & picnic! See you all at the Coral Shelter at Seahurst Beach on July 10 (Sunday). Check out the NOTIS event page and Facebook page for more event information.

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