NOTIS’s Winter 2015 Survey of Northwest Translators and Interpreters

02/20/2016 21:19 | Anonymous

NOTIS conducted a survey between November 16 and December 15, 2015, to assess member satisfaction and how to improve services to members. The survey was circulated to all NOTIS members (numbering 387 in December 2015), interpreters on the registries of state courts in the region, and members of the Interpreters United union; as well as publicized on NOTIS’s Facebook page. NOTIS was thrilled to receive responses from 211 translators and interpreters, 135 of whom were NOTIS members. Because NOTIS is almost wholly volunteer-run, we were also pleased to see that 75.4% of member respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their NOTIS membership. Many thanks to all who responded.

Survey respondents were especially interested in the following from NOTIS:

  • More continuing education, on a broader range of topics, in more geographic areas
  • Better marketing of NOTIS’s online directory of translators and interpreters, and of NOTIS and its members generally, to the region’s business community
  • Improved communication with members
  • More advocacy for translators and interpreters

We hear you! Based on your input, NOTIS’s 2016 priorities include expanded continuing education, improved marketing of our members’ services, and improved communication with members. Specific 2016 plans include:

  • Webinars! NOTIS will offer at least two webinars, accessible to translators and interpreters anywhere with internet access, in 2016.
  • Expanded in-person continuing education programming, in a wider range of locations
  • Improvement of our website and online directory, and marketing of the directory
  • Introduction of the Northwest Linguist blog, with posts at least monthly
  • Improving our systems to simplify membership renewal and event registration
  • Appointment of a new advocacy chair, with academic and research experience in community interpreting

Do any of these projects interest you? Would you like to pitch in with planning webinars, classes or social events? Marketing NOTIS to the Northwest business community? Sharing your thoughts on translation, interpretation, or language access for our blog? Advocating for translators and interpreters?

Please contact us at! Our work depends on volunteers like you, and working together benefits our profession, the community, and our members’ bottom line.

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