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Continuing Education Credits

Conference attendees will be entitled to the following credits, depending on the sessions they attend. This chart will be updated as we receive additional credit approvals.

You must sign in and out of each session, be on time, and stay to the end to claim the credits for that session. It is your responsibility to follow the reporting requirements for your credentialing agency. 

 Session  Title (Speaker)  WA AOC  OJD WA DSHS


 Keynote  Keynote address (Tkaczyk)  none  .5 general  
 Panel 1  Breaking Into New Fields in Interpreting  1 general  1 general

 Panel 2  Breaking Into New Fields in Translation  1 general  none  
 Interp1  Interpreting for Forensic Drug Analysis (Niño-Murcia)  2 performance  2 general  

 Interp2  Interpreting in Immigration Court (Niño-Murcia)  2 performance  2 general 5 credits for  9 credits for   8 credits for   
 Interp3  Interpreting for Special Education, pt. 1 (Silvestri)  1.5 performance  3 general for  attending
entire conference
entire conference
entire conference
 Interp4  Interpreting for Special Education, pt. 2 (Silvestri)  1.5 performance  attending both parts        
 Trans1  Enduring the Long Run: Translating Long Projects (Guhl)  1.5 general  none        
 Trans2  Introduction to Practical Subtitling (Wexler)  1.5 general  none        
 Trans3  Editing and Proofreading: A Fresh Look (Tkaczyk)  1.5 general  none        
 Trans4  Common Pitfalls in EN<>ES Translation / En la trinchera (Guhl)  1.5 performance  1.5 language specific        

Agency Codes
WA AOC - Washington Administrative Office of the Courts
OJD - Oregon Judicial Department
ATA - American Translators Association
WA DSHS - Washington Dept. of Social and Human Services
ID AOC - Idaho Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts
CA CIMCE - California Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education Credit

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