webinar faq

1. How long will the recording of the webinar be accessible?

  • It will be accessible to view online through 11 pm on the last day of the month in which the webinar is presented.
  • After the last day of the month, there will be no access to it as indicated in the registration information.

2. A technical difficulty prevented me from watching/hearing the webinar/recording. What do I do?

  • Check the GoToWebinar systems requirements (click on embedded link) to make sure your computer supports GoToWebinar.
  • If your system meets the requirements, try closing and re-opening your browser to refresh it.
  • If your system meets the GoToWebinar requirements, and you’ve tried refreshing your browser, you may try contacting NOTIS at least three business days before the last day the recording is available and we will attempt to assist.

3. Can you send me a recording of the webinar?
No, we cannot for copyright reasons.   The recording
is available to watch as many times as you’d like until the end of the month. We recommend taking notes on the parts that were most valuable to you.

4. Can you send me the webinar presenter's PowerPoint?
No, we cannot for copyright reasons.  The PowerPoint belongs to the presenter.

5. When will I receive the Certificate of Attendance (COA)?
We try to to send out COAs twice: within a week after the live event,  and then after the recording expires at the end of the month.

6. Can I receive a hard copy of the Certificate of Attendance (COA)?
No.  To keep costs down, we send the COA within an email.  You may print the email for your records if you wish.

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