Conference Sessions

Retirement Planning for Independent Contractors, with Michael Avzaradel 

A business owner is left to create their own benefits package, it is another thing we must think of! We all have friends who work at large companies and their benefits are handed to them on a silver platter with very little effort on their part. Well, I educate business owners on how to set up their own benefits, from retirement accounts to insurance policies you must be thinking as an owner of your future. I will go through the types of retirement accounts available to business owners and what attributes each of them have. Building a solid financial foundation is totally up to you as a business owner, my goal is to provide the education for you to go out and do it!

Tax Planning for Independent Contractors
, with Elizabeth Fiattarone

Are you an independent contractor? This session will cover tax highlights for business owners, including how to choose the best business entity for tax purposes, how to track expenses, and paying estimated taxes. Have you ever wondered if you should be a sole proprietor or an LLC? And whether a particular expense is tax-deductible? Here is your opportunity to explore these questions with a tax expert!

Translation and Interpreting: How Do They Differ?
, with 
Helen Eby 

In this session we will discuss the recently published job descriptions of our profession. Professional interpreters and translators will find descriptions of some of the subspecialties of their field, sources to study the ethics of their profession, descriptions of qualifications, and information about their work environment. With this basis, they will be able to create a path for personal and professional development.


The Emotional Weight of Interpreting: Self-Care Strategies for Interpreters
with Yvonne Simpson 

The goal of this one-hour workshop is to educate on the prevalence and impact of mental toll on persons in helping professions, particularly interpreters. The portions of the training include helping participants understand what compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma are; their causes, symptoms, and consequences; and resources to identify levels of compassion fatigue. The workshop will be facilitated via PowerPoint presentation and group discussion.

On the agenda: 

    • Definition of compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma/burnout
    • Review stages, symptoms, and consequences of compassion fatigue
    • Strategies for reducing compassion fatigue
      • Self Care
      • Setting healthy boundaries
      • Managing workplace toxicity

Navigating Rough Waters (AOC Code of Ethics), with Linda Noble 

Judiciary interpreters are all too often set adrift solo on the turbulent waters of the courts, with little to guide them, tossed about by misguided and conflicting opinions of attorneys, defendants and even judges. The recently published Standards of Practice and Ethics for Washington State Judiciary Interpreters endeavors to serve as a comprehensive guide and moral compass, written by and for court interpreters. In this session the author/presenter will take a deep dive into some of the more complex and often controversial topics such as conflict of interest, neutrality, confidentiality/privilege and perceived bias, as well as elaborating on the key elements of accuracy—the north star of interpreting. 

Crisis & Change: How Our Professions Have Been Changed by Crisis and War
A panel discussion, moderated by Shelley Fairweather-Vega, with Elizabeth Adams, Dominique Hoffman, Howard Chou, Laura McGilvra, and Caitilin Walsh

The three years since NOTIS's last big in-person conference have been packed with events that have caused massive shifts in the way T&I professionals do our work. Starting in 2020 with the worldwide pandemic, and continuing on through a series of local and global political crises, we've had to quickly adapt to new realities. Panelists will address the shift to online interpreting in different settings, the rise of online education and networking for language professionals, factors that have affected work-life balance, and the impact of the war in Ukraine on how we think about the work we do. By sharing our individual experiences, we hope to acknowledge and discuss the upheavals we've all faced--and survived!--in the last few years, and celebrate our flexibility and prospects for future success. Audience participation is encouraged.

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